This season the heart of LaLiga will transform Football into something unbelievable. Everything it touches, transforms it. To show the transforming force of the balls, we proposed to combine real footage with 2D and 3D animation with Tik Tok’s visual lenguage. The campaign for the 2021 season has been Inspired by Manga culture and the most iconic cartoons, as Akira, Dragon Ball or Oliver and Benji among others. The idea was to take football to another dimension where we don't really know what is reality and fantasy. This video is the main asset of the campaign but not the only. Togheter with this piece, we have created a bunch of key visuals with the most important PUMA players of LaLiga. 

Idea, Conceptualization & Creative Direction by Helsinki
Produced by Landia
Directed by Nicotine
Motion and Fx by Bliss
Retouching by Diego Speroni